Thursday, November 13, 2008

Painfully Blogging Again - Writing and Posting 2.0

I'm sitting home nursing a badly broken left leg. I cannot travel for work or surf or play on my dirt bike because, well, I broke my leg in 5 places doing just that. So I have another 6 weeks before I can even apply weight to the leg and that, my friend, provides ample time to write and work and talk on the phone. And also try blogging again.

The image above (taken from a medical site and not my real x-ray) is almost identical to what my x-ray looked like... only my leg also has a small plate on the smaller Fibula bone on the right with another 3 screws.

I'm finding the time now to regret that I deleted a blog that I had faithfully kept up for about 3 years. It was called AdventureFaith, a place where I posted much of my draft and published writings for the world to see. I deleted it because I was kind of tired of the subtle expectations to keep it fresh and I was not 100% sure I wanted anyone and everyone to have full access to my thoughts and writings.

Deleting it was liberating. I reminded me of the time I hucked a journal out the window of my car while driving 70 MPH down the I-5 freeway in Washington State. I was reading through the journal and thought "this is full of whining and complaining and thoughts that really don't matter any more to me"... then I just tossed it. That felt pretty good too. I only hope someone didn't pick it up and find a way to connect the evidence to me. That would suck.

Anyway, I'm starting another blog now because I have more writing to do and I'll need feedback from trusted blogging friends to make the writing good and meaningful to people besides myself. I have a new article coming out in Christianity Today this February entitled "Modern Radicalism". I have another piece coming out soon in Stand Firm magazine and I'm just now starting an article for Neue Quarterly on the challenges for new leadership development.

So... stay with me. I'm hopeful this 2.0 attempt at blogging will be worth keeping around.

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