Friday, March 12, 2010


God bless teenagers.

These days, the family and I are going through hard things. This is the kind of junk that tells you to stay in bed all day, to stop eating, or maybe to drink too much. You know... try to outrun the pain. The grownups in my life, most of them, just kind of fade away. There are some adults, well meaning souls who invariably bring words of wisdom about God's love, Satan's plan, or some conventional advice about slowing down, speeding up, or get some counseling. There are a scattered few who invite me for a beer or coffee and just let me be me. They are precious. But, I gather, most adults don't really know what to do or say. I'm sure they pray... but I really don't know.

But the teenagers! Thank God for the teenagers. A group of five or six testosterone containers show up almost daily now. They crash in, unannounced, with a pizza in hand. With sweat stains and bad hair they do the dishes - sometimes without being asked. They rub my shoulders and ask me how I'm doing - and they mean it. They bring ridiculous video games over, violent, foolish games that steal away the heartache for more than an hour. They spontaneously break out into belly laughs for no reason, or a great reason. I don't know half the time. They dig for change in the couch cushions to buy ice cream (Ok, for themselves usually, but I like the initiative). When they sleep... they sleep for a long time. When they are awake they are fully alive, full of the energy, the kind of energy that I need to get through.

There's no advice, no criticism, no judgement. These teenagers at least are bright enough to know they don't know much. That makes them easy company.

I am blown away by them. I thank God so much for teenagers. For these teenagers.


Talking Bear said...

I LOVE the life captured in the teenager's life. Like a race horse just out of the gate. They explore so much and risk so easily. Yes Mike, God bless teenagers, they remind us how to live.

Carolyn said...

What a profound and powerful picture!!! God Bless Teenagers. Amen

Renee said...

Wow, Mike. Such a beautiful and often missed, perspective. :o)

Anonymous said...

One of the more powerful things I have read in a long time. Thank you! A very over-looked segment of our society - teen agers.