Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life Attempt - The Kindle Preview

I have uploaded a fully edited six chapter sample of "Life Attempt" onto for download into the Kindle. The cost is $1... but if you download that and send me an email I will send you the rest of the pre-published book for free via email.

Book Summary:

On August 10th, 1971, a doped-up studio drummer took a hostage and led Los Angeles police through hours of danger and emotionally charged drama. During the initial emergency phone conversation, LAPD Sgt. Gary Barrett established a unique rapport with the suspect. The sergeant was eventually sent to the scene to begin volatile hostage release negotiations. The suspect was ready to kill. With a makeshift SWAT team and 25 heavily armed officers surrounding the studio, a fascinating relationship between two very different men began.

This true story, with all its real life violence, geopolitical commentary, and relevant spirituality – will stay with you forever.