Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lawyer Jokes become Banker Jokes

After my own battles with Countrywide Mortgage Services (which I will begin blogging about separately), and the realization that banks have received billions of dollars without lending it back to struggling consumers, I propose a new rule to the committee that manages global joke telling. Here is my suggested language:
Rule 5150: From this point forward, herewith and thereforeto, we, the committee for the ethical treatment of jokes and their telling, do hereby determine that "lawyers" are no longer to be used to represent the lowest degree of human behavior within jokes and their telling.

Henceforth, "bankers" and/or "mortgage company executives" will be used in their place. Bankers and Mortgage Company Executives (aka MCE's) may be treated as mutually low and interchangeable in context.
Ok, get the word out there and have fun telling "banker jokes".

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Matt D. said...

One could almost say that recent banking habits could be considered "dangerous" or "radical". Those Bankers or MCEs had a bad case of the "Danger Habit" and they took the industry down along with them. Could it also be considered radical to transform the industry to become altruistic and humanitarian in it's approach to lending or would this be naive and simplistic? Further, what if America's addiction to growth and progress was intrinsically wrong, the bailouts misguided and lending out more borrowed, leveraged, deflated "money" is actually just feeding this suicide machine? Maybe the Real radical thing to do is to deconstruct and start all over. Of course this would mean giving up our prosperity, security and comfort which is of course out of the question. I guess the joke will soon be on us all.